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Water and Summer


summer fun by web4camguy

Summer and water, these two go hand in hand. Perhaps it’s because we are predominantly made of water. Or maybe it’s just the summer heat which makes playing in water very attractive.

This summer, we had planned on trying out 4 activities. Well, we tried out three of those activities. We made a toy, bought some e-lo wire and worked on a light project and tried some cooking. Well, the kids did not start with smoothies, but they tried the one ingredient ice cream. Sometimes the simplest of things can get kids all excited. After the success of this ice cream, they can’t wait to try other things.

We did not plant a garden, but we had a grand time at a garden hose party. Yes, the cousins(we have plenty of those in our large family!) brought along all their kids and hoses. We had a blast in our garden hose party. There were hoses snaking out of all the windows which were close to taps!

NYC’s fire hydrants

Some of the most stunning pictures from the black and white era are the ones with kids playing in the water jet from a fire hydrant. Interestingly, the NYC fire department, is okay with folks opening the hydrants with sprinkler caps on. In fact if you put in a request, they will actually oblige by helping put a sprinkler cap.

Well, the summer’s drawing to a close, and soon it will be too cold to play with water, but the memories of playing with water will remain. I am pretty sure, the kids are never going to forget the garden hose party!


Football Games for Kids – Who Plays Them?

Surprise, surprise. Football games for kids are no longer just for kids as older folks get on the online football bandwagon. What is it about football games that has caught the attention of grandkids and grandparents alike?

Playing Safe

Football games for kids are safe and easy to play, offering the excitement of the game while keeping aside the physicality of the game. This is good news for young children who are too young to play the rough game on field and older folk who cannot afford to risk injury.

The Tech Factor

The rise of interest in online games is also because more and more people own mobile phones, tablets and computers. Hence, the games are easily accessible. Factors that hamper going out like weather and distance don’t come into play when one is playing football games online. Technology also benefits folks who may be homebound due to health reasons.


Owen teaching Dad…” by Jordan Brock is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

The Social Angle

There was a time when online gaming was considered a solitary activity. But this really depends on the choice of games. Many seniors play football games online on multiplayer platforms as it allows them to connect with other people across the world from the confines of their home.

This is also a great way for grandparents to bond with their grandkids who may not be living nearby. Kids can actually show them how to play and turn playing online games into a shared experience that strengthens their relationship with their grandparents.

Time to Play

Seniors have more time in hand. Due to their accessibility and easy controls, online games are a convenient option and a fun way to spend time. They are more interactive than reading books or watching telly.

5761881001_f7d1605505_z (1)

computers” by Jody Morris is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Health Kick

Kids aren’t the only ones who benefit from playing online games. Older folk also reap many benefits from playing games like football. Regular social interaction even if it is via games can boost the happiness quotient.  Online football games can improve executive functions, cognitive skills, memory, coordination, quick response and also offer mental stimulation.


More talking with Grandma” by Lisa.B is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Apart from these football games for kids, for those grandparents who are looking for something more cerebral, there are plenty of puzzles to explore. They can also challenge their grandchildren to a game of Scrabble, DrawSomething and other games. Technology, once again, has emerged to bridge rather than widen the generation gap with gaming.