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First Post (what else could it be from a first time blogger?!)

Here I am writing my first post. I had all these brilliant ideas, but now all I can think of is football. Strange, or perhaps not so strange. It is September. It is football season. I wait for every game I can catch on TV. My conversation with a colleagues starts with “Watched the Game?” and ends with “I’m sure looking forward to the Game.” Not to a ‘football game’, just ‘the Game’.

My mum’s busy buying football paraphernalia for the grand-kids. My dad can’t talk to me over the phone for he’s busy watching a game. A game from last year for some strange reason, mind you. Perhaps its something in the air in Fall. Maybe it’s because Maya(that’s the football mad adult I’m married to) and I went shopping for ‘football food’ for our friends and their families, who are coming over to watch a game at our place. I should stop looking for excuses – I like talking/writing/reading about football.

I’m not sure what it is, but football’s like the flu. It’s mostly seasonal. Also, when it comes, it gets a whole lot of us. There’s one difference though: I’m sure none of us will take a football-shot as easily as we take a flu-shot!


Image Credit: camknows

What is it with football? Why do we get so involved? Why do we rise out of our seats like one in a surge of joy or worry? How can one player have thousands of fans? Was it always like this? Tell me what you think.