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Welcome to by blog. I am Brody Scott as are my father and grandfather!

Apart from the name, we have other things in common. We dote on our families, are completely comfortable managing our homes and kids (I have two which can still be carried!), and are mad about sports and games of all types.

Some of my favorite memories from childhood are of going to a game with my parents. (Yes, my mom and sister used to be a minority at the stadium)

As my grandfather traveled the world, we also had the good fortune of hearing about sports from across the world.

My wife Maya, and my mom are very involved with education. As both my wife and I have large families, when everyone gathers with their kids, it’s a lot of talk and play. I realized that we needed a place where we could put all this down to share with others who might be interested.

I am Blogger-in-chief, but you might occasionally hear other voices!

If you want to get in touch with me, feel free to drop me a note at


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All About Games for Kids

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