Two Practical Ways to Teach Patience

Kids can get impatient. Sometimes they want things ‘now’. When that is said, decibel levels can rise and parents can lose their cool. Then decibel levels go up some more and very soon kids will be completely out of control throwing a tantrum.


Baby girl works in the garden by simpleinsomnia

It’s always better not to reach that state of a melt down. Easier said than done for many but here’s the good thing; patience can be taught. Not overnight, but slowly over time. By getting them involved in activities which have delayed gratification.

Here are two activities:

1. Gardening: This is all about planting and waiting. You need to have patience and the nurturing habit. Sometimes, in spite of hard work the crop fails. This not only teaches kids patience and taking failure in your stride but it also gets them to nurture, observe and take pleasure in the result of hard work.

2. Baking: Get the kids involved in baking from a young age. The many step process before getting the baked goods definitely nurtures patience. They may not participate actively, but keep their interest by getting them involved in small things like measuring, checking on the rise etc. At the end when the freshly baked goods are brought out, there is an intense feeling of gratification – however delayed it might be.

These activities definitely get kids to be more patient. In fact they are great activities for kids and their grandparents. The results of both activities can be very sweet especially when some fresh fruit preserve is added to a slice of freshly baked bread!