Easter Craft Ideas

A post written by my wife Maya.

Easter’s right around the corner and it’s a good time to get the kids to try out new crafts. Kids are going to want to try something involving the big three – chicks, bunnies and eggs. Even school crafts around this time of the year are all about the big three. Until kids are about 9-10 years of age, they enjoy the pleasures of simple crafts. They also move on to new things at a good pace.


minnesota spring bouquet by Martha W McQuade

We like getting the kids to try out interesting things like science experiments for Halloween. This year we decided to craft stuff with things lying about the house, sort of upcycle or reuse material. Most homes with kids have a supply of twine/rope, eggs, egg trays, crayons, used paper, cartons and old clothes. People could get inventive and make up their own crafts or they could look up simple crafts on the Net and try something.

Things to keep in mind

Most crafting requires kids to cut, stick, fold etc. If crafts are too complex, kids will lose interest and the adult ends up doing everything with the kids just wandering off. Here are things you should keep in mind:

  1. Pick an age appropriate craft
  2. Print out one you want to try from Easter crafts and print it out for convenience. No printer, then just write it out on the back of an envelope.
  3. Make sure you are stocked up on the supplies you require.
  4. Clear the space where you want to work on the craft.
  5. Clear up your calendar. Frequent disturbing calls mess up the flow when working with kids.
  6. Give the kids an idea of what everyone’s working towards.
  7. Make sure the kids are not hungry, thirsty or sleepy(crankiness and crafting DO NOT go hand in hand!)
  8. Remember, with kids and crafting, your end result may vary dramatically

Some good sites

If you are out of ideas, here are a few good sites with excellent craft ideas:

  1. One Little Project
  2. The best Ideas For Kids
  3. Red Ted Art
  4. Homesteading
  5. Upcycled Wonders

The goodness of crafting

Crafting is good for kids. Here’s why:

  1. It helps them plan what they want to do
  2. They learn to choose from what is available for use
  3. While cutting and handling tubes, muscles on little hands are trained through use
  4. They understand how space can be used
  5. They understand the complete arc of starting something which goes onto becoming something else
  6. Kids can use this for self-expression
  7. Art is a way to release pent up distress if the kids are under some kind of stress
  8. Kids learn to focus, helping their concentration skills
  9. It gives them a sense of self worth when they compete their craft
  10. Last but not the least it makes them happy!

This Easter get the kids to craft. Get more kids involved. Use things which no one is using. Get the kids to pull out ideas from their imagination. Talk about it. Plan it. Execute it. Enjoy it!

Happy Easter!