Teaching Kids Frugality

My parents routinely use both sides of a sheet of paper. Many of the kids in the family rarely think of turning the sheet over and using it. This kind of contradiction is seen in many multi-generational gatherings, and we have quite a few!


Creative Art; Recycled Sculptures by San Jose Public Library

My parents keep coaxing the kids to do things a little bit different. I sometimes think it’s a problem of plenty. We were brought up with many things being a wee bit short. Ice cream or generally eating out was a treat. Now both are routine and the ice creams themselves are getting more complex. As kids, we always used both sides of a page. Our kids, who are used to printouts, are less frugal. We have put up a S-shaped simple hook for single sided sheets to be hung on. We just pull one off when we have to explain math or play a game or make lists. Sometimes they forget and keep using new sheets.

Every generation changes, and sharing stories is a great way for generations to understand times which have gone by. It’s also a great way for kids to understand frugal ways and why it was that way. Now when we live in a world full of consumerism, we need to teach kids frugality, because it helps keep lives simple and more sustainable. In fact reading this about Gen Z on Forbes was extremely heartening.