Halloween the Old Fashioned Way

This year we decided to make a few Halloween crafts at home. Just. On a lark. The kids too were enthusiastic and this spurred us on. Maya is generally the one who has the patience for intricate crafts. I generally enjoy making things which are simple.

Here are two crafts we tried out:

Skeleton on a Stick

This is something my grandfather made for me. The idea remains the same, but this one looks slightly different from what he made.


Things you need are some black card stock, silver pen, sturdy stick like the one in the image about 8″ long, pair of scissors, needle and thread, and glue.

Cut out a torso with skull, 2 legs, a skull and 2 arms in 3 pieces(upper arm, forearm and hand). Use thread and needle to put together the arms. Next attach the arms at the shoulders of the torso piece. Then sew the legs on. Stick this figure on to the stick, leaving a short length free at the bottom. Use the pen to draw the skeleton on it. Decorate as you wish.

Now twirl the stick back and forth between your thumb and forefinger. Enjoy the movement!

Popsicle Stick Spiders on a Web

We got this idea from here.

Things you need are 3 popsicle sticks, some colorful yarn, black paint and some glue.

Stick the three glue sticks together such that ends form a circle. Paint it black. Then take the yarn and wrap around the sticks like a web. Leave a length intact to hang it up.

If you tried making something, drop us a line. Happy Halloween!