5 Benefits of Reading

March is the month for reading across America. It’s funny to think that in the 1800s, reading was a luxury which few children had. In fact reading was a crime for many black children, but today it is celebrated!

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137 – Look up! by David D

It has taken many decades and the concerted effort of many ordinary people, teachers, educators and policy makers to be where we are today. March 2nd the birthday of Dr. Seuss is observed as Reading across America Day. Reading more is rarely a long term resolution, but it should be.

Here are 5 benefits of reading:

  1. Introduction to things 

We learn about the world around us, by observation and talking to people. By reading, we open our minds to what other people have observed about the same things. It also opens up vistas of information about things we might not come across in our daily lives.

2. Sharpens the Brain

Most of us use a small portion of our brain. Reading exercises various parts of our brain and improves connectivity. It has been medically proven that our brain stays sharp if we exercise it regularly.

3. Input for Our Imagination

As new worlds open up through reading, our imagination can take flight. A lot of our dreams and imagination, are triggered by what we input into our brains, via reading, talking, seeing, hearing or touching. Reading is a pleasurable activity, helping us lose ourselves in worlds we choose.

4. Strengthens Language Skills

Voracious readers have a great vocabulary. Words which enter our ken increase phenomenally. This is turn helps us explain ourselves better both in words and writing. Communication skills improve, and the scope of misunderstanding goes down.

5. Makes us Smarter

Reading improves our world view. It makes us aware of things which we otherwise might never have been aware of. Knowledge always gives people an advantage.

This March, get reading with your kids and family. Try some games for reading practice. Whatever you do, keep reading!


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