3 Tips for Strengthening Family Bonds

A post from Maya.

There are many different kinds of families, but regardless of type, all families are built upon one common idea – that of sharing, caring and togetherness. All families also need to spend quality time together in order to build, strengthen and nurture bonds. Here are a few ways in which you can improve relationships in your family and contribute significantly to each other’s well-being.


Being Healthy is Beautiful by Army Medicine, licensed under CC BY 2.0

Eat meals together

Studies have shown that families that eat meals together have better communication. Children who regularly eat meals with their family are less likely to get addicted to alcohol, drugs and tobacco and perform better academically. Mealtimes offer excellent opportunities to share your day with your spouse and kids. If you’re unable to bring the family together for dinner because of hectic schedules, try breakfast. The dinner table should be a space where everyone can communicate openly, without being judged or criticized. Recognize and praise achievements and encourage family members who’ve had a bad day. Small chores revolving around meals also help kids understand co-operative living.

Schedule family time

Your calendar may be packed with important meetings but you need to remember that nothing can take precedence over the most important thing in your life – your family. Try and schedule quality time for each other by designating family nights. Getting family members involved in decisions around the house and making consistent efforts to show your loved ones that they are the ones who matter the most to you go a long way in strengthening family ties. Do things together as a family – go for hikes, attend concerts, go for picnics, work on a craft and so on. Kids who participate in family activities are known to have higher self-esteem and a greater sense of belonging.  Besides setting time aside for your family, actively look for opportunities to connect with your kids – these can be small moments that you spend in child-centric activities such as making up stories while doing chores; reading a book together while waiting at the dentist’s, etc. Besides all this, don’t forget you and your family need to just hang out together enjoying your leisure.

Play games together


Family Games by Matthew Hurst, licensed under CC BY 2.0

Host a family game night ever so often and make sure all family members make time for it. Invite friends over and play interactive games to promote healthy competition. Organizing a family event may not be possible every time – in that case you can play online pet games or other kinds of multiplayer online games together. One of the best things about playing together – whether online or offline – is that it gives your family a reason to just be with each other. Family gaming is a great parenting tool that offers parents the opportunity to understand the kinds of games that their little ones enjoy and be an active participant in them. You can also give your family a scheduled event they can look forward to and participate in enthusiastically.

With increasingly busy and hectic schedules, family members tend to spend little time with each other. Such activities will also help younger kids understand that in e The activities stated above were perhaps commonplace in times past, but are oft overlooked by families today. Make a conscious effort to engage in these simple activities and you’re sure to see positive results in terms of family bonding and communication.

What are some of the activities that you and your family engage in?