Water and Summer


summer fun by web4camguy

Summer and water, these two go hand in hand. Perhaps it’s because we are predominantly made of water. Or maybe it’s just the summer heat which makes playing in water very attractive.

This summer, we had planned on trying out 4 activities. Well, we tried out three of those activities. We made a toy, bought some e-lo wire and worked on a light project and tried some cooking. Well, the kids did not start with smoothies, but they tried the one ingredient ice cream.¬†Sometimes the simplest of things can get kids all excited. After the success of this ice cream, they can’t wait to try other things.

We did not plant a garden, but we had a grand time at a garden hose party. Yes, the cousins(we have plenty of those in our large family!) brought along all their kids and hoses. We had a blast in our garden hose party. There were hoses snaking out of all the windows which were close to taps!

NYC’s fire hydrants

Some of the most stunning pictures from the black and white era are the ones with kids playing in the water jet from a fire hydrant. Interestingly, the NYC fire department, is okay with folks opening the hydrants with sprinkler caps on. In fact if you put in a request, they will actually oblige by helping put a sprinkler cap.

Well, the summer’s drawing to a close, and soon it will be too cold to play with water, but the memories of playing with water will remain. I am pretty sure, the kids are never going to forget the garden hose party!