Fairy Arts & Crafts for Kids

Hey everybody, here’s a post from my wife Maya. Enjoy!

Arts and crafts are a great way to improve hand-eye coordination and develop fine motor skills in children. Arts and crafts related to fairies can be even more exciting to children as they love all things magical and dainty, and what’s more it expands their imagination. They can continue to play with these little projects and create a make-believe world of fairies.

Make a Fairy

First, you will need a lovely fairy before you build a home for her. You can make a fairy using twigs and leaves, kind of like stick figures, and hold them together with sticky tape or glue. Fairies are after all nature beings. Children can also draw a fairy on card stock, color it, and cut it out. If you are looking for inspiration, you can look for fairy images online. There are virtual pet games websites that offer fairy drawing instructions.


 “Fairies and Fantasy” by jaci XIII is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Build a Fairy Garden

A fairy garden is a fun project to begin as kids can continue to work on it and create little pieces of furniture or leave fairy treats. The fairy garden can be created in a garden or in a shallow pan. Layer the pan with soil. Create a grassy path by sprinkling grass seed and line pebbles on either side of it. Moss is also a great choice. You can add miniature plants like African violets, brass buttons, thyme, begonias, heron’s bill, and creeping Charlie.


Fairy Gardening Pathways” by Chiot’s Run is licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you have large sea shells, you can simply color them with a Sharpie and turn them upside down to make little fairy homes. Large leaves can be folded into cones and held together with sticks to create a small tepee. A small earthen pot can be transformed into a pond by surrounding it with pebbles and filling it with water. Fairy furniture can be made with pebbles and twigs gathered from the garden.


Fairy garden 1” by Mary Louise Eklund is licensed under CC BY 2.0

A Sprinkle of Fairy Dust

Fairies love all things sparkly and sweet. Children can leave them sweet treats like a dribble of honey on a fresh, young leaf. Large crystals make a great finishing touch to your fairy garden. If not, you can simply scatter fairy dust. All you need is some talcum powder and glitter. Shake them together. The mixture can then be transferred into a tiny vial using a paper funnel; you get miniature mason jars and glass jars with cork stoppers in the market. Kids can then sprinkle the fairy dust in their fairy garden.


Purple with muti color twinkles” by Valerie Everett is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Kids will have a fun time with this fairy arts and crafts project, and will enjoy coming up with new ways to spruce up their fairy garden!


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