How to Choose the Right Learning Games for Kids

Come summer, there are a variety of games kids can play – dance games, puzzle games, learning games, escape room games and the list can go on. It is not easy to find the right game for children. A good game is one that will add value to their education. This could be by assessing their understanding of the subject or giving them the practice they need in the right context to give them a better grasp of the concepts.


DSC05907-001” by Laurie Sullivan is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Here is a checklist that tells you what to look out for while looking for learning games.

Identify the Learning Goal

Before you even begin to look for a learning game, it is important to identify the purpose behind it. Narrow down the subject, topic, age and grade, and how you want to use the game to supplement classroom learning. If your first grader needs practice with addition via practice, then consider looking for games that cater to this specific goal.

Features of a Game

  • Interactivity – This feature keeps the children engaged as they have to be actively involved in taking a game forward. Their actions determine the flow of the game.
  • Good Story – Learning games that have a good story line or context can help children understand how and why a concept is applied. This could be as simple as a game of basketball that is used to practice addition or something that is long form and set within a virtual world. Graphics and music also add to the user experience. Not all games have a story or context in place.


DSC05870” by Laurie Sullivan is licensed under CC BY 2.0

  • Progress & Rewards – Learning games that have different progress levels and offer rewards for achievements can be motivating to children. Rewards can simply mean a line of encouragement and the points they earn.
  • Fun – We cannot underestimate the fun factor in any video game because that is the one feature that sets it apart from textbooks and worksheets, and makes games alluring to children.

Types of Learning Games

Learning games are good for kids. These games are designed keeping in mind the learning goals. Games to develop critical thinking skills can be presented as puzzles and strategy games. Other games include but are not limited to adventure, interactive reading, and role playing games.


DSC05903” by Laurie Sullivan is licensed under CC BY 2.0

There is a choice of paid and free digital learning games for kids on the internet, and you can factor that into your decision. With this checklist in place, it will be easier to find learning games that will benefit children.


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