4 activities we plan to try this summer

The other day Maya my wife, and I decided to spend some time gardening. We like growing vegetables. Gardening is something we have started since last year. We are not very good at it, as yet. Our harvests have been small and irregular as we compete with worms, but we love it anyways.


Kid by Caleb Roenigk

Last Saturday, we had a companion in the garden – our older one. My mother had given us some seed packets, and he spent a very happy hour helping us ready trays for the seeds. It got us thinking and we came up with this list of 5 activities we plan to try this summer:

  1. Gardening: Great way for the kids to get their hands dirty, and in the process build memories. Kids take pride in things they have planted and grown. They watch what they have planted with great enthusiasm. It’s good to get kids familiar with soil and plants, for it gives them an idea about growing food. After all food is a very basic requirement for humans, and it’s always a plus to know something about the food we eat. Make sure kids have their hats on and if the kids are very young, make sure their hands are well washed after they are done.
  2. Make a Toy: This is something most of us don’t try as we imagine toy making to be difficult. It is far simpler to just go buy a toy. But, the fun of making a toy is something else. Kids have a great sense of accomplishment once they learn to make it. I remember when my grandfather helped me make my first thread spinner – I couldn’t stop making them! We will definitely make this water shooter.
  3. Art Project: We generally encourage our kids to play with color, via coloring worksheets, and other painting projects. This summer I am pushing to experiment with colourful e-lo light after I discovered this DIY light. Maya’s pushing for a weaving project. Perhaps we’ll try both. Our kids enjoy doing things with their hands.
  4. Cooking: After all the TV shows with kids cooking, this is something we want to try at home. Our kids know what they eat and do watch us when we make something from scratch, but I am not sure if they will take to this. We are definitely trying though. Maybe we’ll start with making some smoothies. Banana is a great favorite and it is a simple fruit as far as handling goes. I really don’t want to spend too much time cleaning up afterwards!

This is the first time we have a list to try out. When our kids were younger, we just took the holidays a day at a time. Now I think, they would like to participate in such activities. Our older one also likes to photograph such activities and share it with his grandmother. She is a great photographer too. It’s interesting to notice how this particular interest skipped my generation and jumped a generation to reappear in my kid!

Anyway, this summer is going to be memorable.


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