Games from foreign shores

We grew up hearing stories from our grandfather about his days outside the United States. His days in exotic places like India, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Australia, Malaysia etc. Being an observant man, he noticed the local people with a keen eye. The clothes they wore, the way they carried themselves, their games and whole bunch of other stuff. What we always loved were his conversations about games played in other countries. They sounded alien and fascinating. So here are some games I remember from various countries-


By 灿烂的黎明 ( [CC BY 2.5 cn (, via Wikimedia Commons

1. China: Jianzi (chinese hacky sack) and kongzhu (chinese yo-yo),

2. India: Ghilli-danda  and kabaddi


By Tieu ngao giang ho1970 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

3. Vietnam: Ô ăn quan

4. Malaysia: Batu Seremban


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