It’s Spring – let’s have some outdoor fun!

Wood Pier

Wood Pier, Huntington Beach by Orange County Archives

California is blessed in some ways – temperatures can be high, but kids can play outdoors almost throughout the year. Yeah, yeah, there’s a drought on, I know. In spite of that, spring is special. There’s some lightening of spirit, which adds a dash of happiness to our lives.

I like sport, but when the kids are young, instead of a vigorous game of some kind, it’s nice to play something which is more suitable for them. Here are a few things we love doing in spring:

Have a scavenger hunt

It’s simple to organize and the kids can be a mixed bunch of young, old, tall and short. You can have a simple hunt or an elaborate dress up one. Make up a list of things to find or do, and set a time limit. I like to include simple chores (which otherwise don’t get done so enthusiastically!) and easily available things to collect. I deliberately include things which need some running around, so the kids feel pleasantly tired after the hunt.

Occasionally, when the cousins are all together, we get the kids to design a scavenger hunt for the grown ups!

Beach games

“Let’s go to the beach”. I don’t even have to say it twice, before we are all packed up and ready to leave!

We spend a lot of time on the beach, checking out molluscs under the pier, collecting shells, driftwood and other stuff. One of our favorite games is to race writing out our names the most number of times in the sand, before a wave comes wipes it out, and we start all over again.


This is a fairly new interest we are encouraging in our kids. As they are still young, some of the images are rather strange, but they love looking at the images they have shot. It’s added fun when we make a collage out of those images, print it out on canvas to gift friends or grandparents.

Well, have you started planning?


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