Five tips for good parenting


Kids Playing Monopoly Chicago by Colleen Kelly

Becoming a parent is fantastic. Along with the fun and joy comes worries about your kids. Are you bringing them up right? Are they eating enough? Are you giving them enough intellectual stimulation? Are you being a good supportive parent? The questions are endless.

Two thing to remember about bringing up kids:

  • others before us have done it and others after us will do the same after us
  • all creatures in nature bear and nurture their young ones in a plethora of different ways

It’s okay if we don’t fit in with our parenting skills, our aim should be to bring up well adjusted adults of tomorrow.  Though I am no expert, I claim experience because I have seen a large number of kids growing up in our extended family. There are five things to keep in mind while bringing up kids:

  1. Make sure you as parents have consistent good behavior as far as possible.
  2. Build a home where trust and joy are emphasized.
  3. Play a lot with your kids, and I mean a LOT.
  4. Make sure the kids sleep well and regularly.
  5. Introduce a variety of foods, fruits and vegetables whenever possible.

Seems simple, and yet will prove not so simple as your parenting journey begins. Do you have any simple suggestions for bringing up well balanced kids? Let me know.


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