I forgot to put up my wife’s post!

Slap forehead!

My wife wrote this and asked me to post it. Before Valentine’s Day. The only Valentine’s Day I have left is next year’s. Yeah, yeah I messed up. In a major fashion. How do I fix this? By posting something a little too early for Next Year!

Maya’s second post:

Happy Valentine’s Day! As your kids are busy creating Valentine’s Day special crafts or doodling with Valentine’s Day special coloring worksheets in the class, they may have asked you several questions at home about the day and how exactly it is celebrated. It is important to explain the day to the kids so that they grow up to celebrate it in its true spirit. Here are a few ways in which you can explain Valentine’s Day to kids.

Break the Story

There are two popular stories that trace back the origin of the day. First, there was a priest named St. Valentine who would secretly marry soldiers as their marriages were banned by the government. The government presumed that a soldier with no familial ties would serve the nation better than a married soldier. The second story is about a man in jail who fell in love with the daughter of his prisoner. Before he was executed, he sent her a letter and signed it “Your Valentine” and that has perhaps become a legend now. Children love stories, so these are two great legends that can help them understand the origin of the day.

Crafts and coloring pages

There are plenty of Valentine’s Day crafts and coloring pages online which may be a good way to introduce kids to the day. Each type of coloring page can be a clue to teach an important part of Valentine’s Day – Cupid, a way to introduce kids to the God of Love, roses – a way to explain how Valentine’s Day is symbolized by the flowers, hearts – a way to explain the representation of love, etc. Social media websites like Pinterest are replete with kid-friendly Valentine’s Day crafts that will not only help the kids understand the day better, but sharpen their hand-eye coordination just as any craft does and develop their aesthetic senses. Encourage them to doodle with Valentine’s Day coloring pages and crafts to learn more about the day.

The spirit of giving


Image Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kkoshy/4352827375

Explain that the true spirit of Valentine’s Day lies in giving because love in other words is giving. Encourage your child to give their old clothes and books to the needy, make greeting cards for their loved ones, or weave friendship bands for their best friends. Let your kids know that Valentine’s Day is about expressing love through giving and kindness. Most children will know what you are talking about. Bring about examples like that of your relationship with the kids, their relationship with their favorite aunt, etc., and explain the spirit of giving.

Avoid treating kids like they don’t know any more than what you tell them. Answer their questions patiently and be as honest as possible with them.


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