6 Football Games Families Can and Should Play


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If raising a brood of couch potatoes is the last thing you want, ditch the T.V. and take up these fun and free football games your family can and should play. You’ll be spending more time together, laughing, playing and exercising without even knowing it!  Are you ready for kickoff?

Football Tossing Contest

NFL season has just started and it’s time to host your own football game. Invite everyone to a friendly contest in your backyard – the person who can toss a ball the farthest is the undisputed football champion. If the weather forces you to host the game indoors, use a soft foam football and toss it into a basket or through a hula hoop. Everyone gets five attempts – the player who makes the target the most times wins. If you’re cooped indoors for any reason, you can also play fun and free football games on your mobile! It’s certainly not the same as stretching your legs outdoors, but it’s more interactive than staring at the TV!

Flag Football

You can play this for fun or competitively. Just divide players into two teams and have everyone place colorful socks from the elastic of their pants or shorts. Unlike a normal game of football, players must tackle offensive opponents by pulling the socks from their waists. The game can be played with a predetermined number of points or with a timer.

Hot Potato Football

Invite everyone to sit in a circle. Designate one player as the “caller” who must close his or her eyes while the others pass around a football a. k. a. hot potato. When the caller calls out “Stop!” whoever holds the football must leave the circle, which is why the players pass along the ball as fast as they can. The game continues until only one player is left. This player is the caller for the next round.

Wacky Football Race

Divide the players into two teams and have team members link their elbows. Hand a football to each team. When the whistle blows, the teams must make their way to the finish line without dropping the ball or unlinking elbows. If they do this, they must go back to the start line and begin the race all over again.

Football Relay

Split the family into two teams and give a football to each team. When the whistle blows, one player from each team must push the football with his feet from the start line to the finish line and pass it on to a waiting team mate. The first team to finish the relay successfully wins the game.


Invite everyone into the backyard and have one player stand about 20 feet away from the others, holding the ball. At the word “Go!” the player with the ball throws it towards the others. When it’s up in the air, he must call out a number between 50 and 500. This is the number of points earned by the player who catches the ball. But players lose points if they drop the ball. The first player to score 500 points wins the game.

My family loves playing these free football games so much, every single holiday is NFL season!


First Post (what else could it be from a first time blogger?!)

Here I am writing my first post. I had all these brilliant ideas, but now all I can think of is football. Strange, or perhaps not so strange. It is September. It is football season. I wait for every game I can catch on TV. My conversation with a colleagues starts with “Watched the Game?” and ends with “I’m sure looking forward to the Game.” Not to a ‘football game’, just ‘the Game’.

My mum’s busy buying football paraphernalia for the grand-kids. My dad can’t talk to me over the phone for he’s busy watching a game. A game from last year for some strange reason, mind you. Perhaps its something in the air in Fall. Maybe it’s because Maya(that’s the football mad adult I’m married to) and I went shopping for ‘football food’ for our friends and their families, who are coming over to watch a game at our place. I should stop looking for excuses – I like talking/writing/reading about football.

I’m not sure what it is, but football’s like the flu. It’s mostly seasonal. Also, when it comes, it gets a whole lot of us. There’s one difference though: I’m sure none of us will take a football-shot as easily as we take a flu-shot!


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What is it with football? Why do we get so involved? Why do we rise out of our seats like one in a surge of joy or worry? How can one player have thousands of fans? Was it always like this? Tell me what you think.